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The selection of the fastening system, either for crane rails or train rails or light (Decauville) rails is a rather important decision both when placing a track or a single rail. The wrong selection could have expensive consequences and create serious problems such as:

  • slow down or shut down of the production process.

  • excessive and,or irregular wear of the rails

  • damage of the mechanical components

  • damage of the supporting base

  • damage of the fastening systems

Valex fastening systems developed building over the experience accumulated over more than 80 years of activity of VALENTE SPA, offer a practically unlimited selection of alternatives which allow to manage in the most effective and effectual way every possible situation.


Fastening systems:

for crane rails |
valex 1000
| valex 2000/2100 | valex 3000/3100
valex 4000 | valex 5000/5100 | valex 6000 |
valex 7000 | valex 9000

for train rails |
valex series F

for decauville rails |
valex series D


Fastening Systems